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We are a  private business with a team of Private Investigators in and around both Pattaya and the province of Chonburi, Thailand. We can also offer our services across the rest of Thailand. Our private investigator are professional and discreet.


Who are we?

Pattaya Investigations was created with a clear vision to create a strong foundation of reliability, trust, and commitment to our client’s needs. We understand the pitfalls and uncertainty that can come with cross-cultural relationships, doubts that arise with friendships that turned into business ventures, and the feeling of worry and stress from a family of not hearing from a loved one on holiday abroad. 

Whilst our business is Western-run, our team consists of investigators of multiple nationalities. Both our local and foreign investigators are qualified and trained to our high standards of discretion and information sensitivity. Driven by our commitment to our clients, we aim to provide a cost-effective service with outcomes that satisfy our client’s needs.

Our office is based in downtown central Pattaya.

Please fill out our online forms detailing your requirements. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

Our Methods

As private investigators, it is important to have a clear methodology in how we accomplish our goals and defined success criteria. We look at three main points before we agree to take on any new cases, these include:

Client Expectations

We help understand the type of information you need us to provide and ensure it meets your goals.

Available Information

what do we know about the case at hand, what data or information do we need to collect and how accessible is that information.

Time Frame

if we are working against the clock or the information is time sensitive - How realistic is it that we can achieve this time frame and can we complete the work on time.

Once the above points have been agreed on, we send our clients an engagement letter and the process get underway. As part of our process, we also sign and ask our clients to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for peace of mind and confidentiality purposes

Our Network

To complete our assignment and meet your requirements, it is extremely important to have a strong network of contacts and assistance..

Law Enforcement

Having strong relationships with the Royal Thai police is imperative in our successful investigations.

Legal Teams

We have key partnerships with top law firms all over the country to ensure our clients are always protected if need be.

Pattaya Underground

In most cases the information we need to gather, does not come from law enforcement or lawyers, but from sources that have taken years to build trust and understanding.

Confidentiality & Anonymity

We strive to bring value to our clients through our investigative services. The anonymity of our clients and the confidentiality of the services we provide are part of that value, and we adhere to that, at the highest levels. As part of our customer service agreements, non-disclosure agreements come as standard.

Our services

What we can do for you

We offer client specific private investigations tailored to the clients needs and requirements. These investigations included but are not limited to:

  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Pattaya Bar industry investigations
  • Mystery shopper – Customer service checks
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Property inspections for clients who own property in Thailand and are unable to ensure that their valuable assets are safe and in the case they have been rented out, are being properly maintained 
  • Background checks

Are you looking for someone  in Thailand? Our Person Finder services can help you find them anywhere in Thailand. Thai or foreign national

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